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Wise Women's Circle


In a time where the world is presenting more challenges than any other since the Viet Nam war, women can change the world for the better.


How do we do this?

What can we provide that brings light, compassion and positivity to the people we come in contact with in our ever changing environment?


We start with our inner-selves. We begin with awareness of who we are in a deeper way. While much of this self knowledge can be innate or has taken extensive effort to develop, it is the continued learning that keeps us “alive and luscious” in our spiritual, emotional and physical selves.


This takes the support, kindness, and essence of generosity from like-minded women. To be sustained with this force of nature, that of women colleagues and friends, can bring so much joy and understanding to our every day lives.


Simply put, many women are struggling with transitions in their lives: empty nests, divorce, death of a loved one or pet, feeling purposeless, moving to a new location, losing a job, blending families, ending or starting a new relationship... with, at times, resiliency, fortitude, and courage required to keep going day to day.


We believe that wisdom evolves with the passing years, mostly through various life experiences. We assert that It is how we process and integrate these experiences that can build upon the beauty that is already within us . . . potentially creating a more powerful, joyous, purposeful inner being for all.


Each of our experiences, and how we maneuver through them, are enormously helpful to other women who are going through similar circumstances.

Life passions, creative expertise, and skills that will benefit the group are shared

and are considered treasures.


Your talent is a gift to all of us.


This group of women, from all lifestyles and backgrounds can serve as a beacon of light through precarious times, share joyful experiences, and appreciate life increasingly well lived.



Wise Women's Circle


Laurie Bethell’s home:

405 North Pine Street, Nevada City, CA, 95959


Once monthly, on the first Thursday of each month - 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Providing “life” support for like-minded women

There is no cost, and all are welcome.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please Join Us!

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