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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make

our souls blossom."           Marcel Proust

"I  have done breath work before, but never like this!  With Laurie's gentle guidance, I followed my breath on an incredible  inner journey. 

Soon my breath permeated and filled every cell, with a tingling new aliveness.

Eventually, my whole body became my breath, effortlessly. My edges softened, into the deepest stillness and grace. Truly blissful!

The added gift is that I can now access this stillness in my meditations.

Thank you Laurie! I am so grateful."         

            Christina S., Retired Chiropractor and Massage Therapist




"The power of breath work with you  has been an incredible healing experience. I have had three sessions with you and each one has been incredible.  Once was in Costa Rica and the other two via Skype. You are connected to Divine energy and it is transmitted either in person or over Skype.  Before the session my energy levels were notably depleted, and after it was visibly charged to a new level of restored vitality.  Last week's session had such a positive vibrational impact that it lasted the whole week.  My heavy work week went by smoothly and joyfully. Due to the nature of what is shifting in my body, I can appreciate how on-going sessions will be of utmost benefit and gift to my body and mind.  


With Gratitude Laurie; thank you for sharing your Wisdom, Heart and Breath Coaching." 


               Jessica B, Business Owner, Toronto, Canada


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