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Release of Grief - Inhale, exhale... and once again

Six years ago, when the leaves were turning gold and crimson, I arrived in Seattle to attend a Transformational Breath seminar, for the lay person…

not at all considering training to become a facilitator or to train other facilitators. I was so taken with the healing that had occurred for me, having already experienced three private sessions in Truckee, California with the daughter of Judith Kravitz. Judith is the founder of this profound healing technique, and she travels the world still, teaching other facilitators to share this gift.

The release of the enormous black cloud of grief, was just beginning. I had no idea what I was in for. The food and accommodations were exquisite. We had two breath sessions a day, each lasting about 1.5 hours. By the last session, which was held outdoors, my brain clarity was fabulous. The breath sessions gave me more energy that I had experienced in years. I likened it to a powerful secret let out of the bag. Lying on my back on the deck, looking up at the canopy of trees, I began to inhaling and exhaling through my mouth, in a continuous and deliberate pattern, feeling a bit silly with my mouth wide open with each inhale to take in the largest volume of air possible, exhaling softly like I was putting out a candle. Soon, the energy began running through my body, hands and face tingling. Soon the pattern of breathing continued without having to think about it at all! I relaxed, feeling supported by an outside force, eyes closed, deep in my inner world, losing track of time. The facilitator gently touched my face, and my eyes slowly opened to see the waving trees, blue sky, and clouds moving, seemingly all in unison with one another… A connectedness that was natural and joyous between all living things. I was hooked… I wanted to continue in this practice. It was like nothing else experienced, touching on realms never visited before. At that moment, I decided to become a facilitator, and a trainer, and in the space of six years, have healed from so many losses. It is like going to therapy for a few years, without having to say a word… profound!

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