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 Breath Work

Transformationa Breath




Where can an individual locate a technique that heals the body, the emotions, the mental state and the soul? 


Without the telling of an old story or re-living trauma, we can utilize the breath to bring ourselves back to our very essence... our spirit.  The breath connects our own humanity, with every other living human being and creature. And, it also connects us to the highest form of our individual nature. 


The combination of two words in the Yiddish language describes it best:  Nishima, which means breath, and Nashema, which means soul. 


This profound modality is based on the teachings and mentoring with world-renowned Breath Coach, Judith Kravitz. After training to become a facilitator of Transformational Breath™, and then to train facilitators, Laurie devised a style of Breath Work she calls, Soul Streaming™ that incorporates Reiki knowledge and Reconnective Healing, along with some of the techniques of Transformational Breath™. 


By conducting a brief interview, Laurie can determine the breath style of a client and can guide the session in the most meaningful direction.

Soul Streaming incorporates all aspects of the human persona: the physical, emotional, mental and outer body. 
It is a powerful tool; likely the most profound self-healing tool available in the world today. . . all accomplished by breathing deeply into the lower abdomen, which is very different than "Re-Birthing" or "Holotropic Breath". 

Once the oxygen is deeply inhaled, the diaphragm pushes down, massaging all of the internal organs. The breath helps to clarify by highly oxygenating the brain.


Continuing this breath pattern for a full hour, the client no longer has to focus on acquiring a certain pace of the breath . . .  the inhale and exhale become automatic. At this point, emotional and mental changes occur for the positive, with the breath assisting the sub-conscious mind in transmuting stale, lodged cellular energy. 

With 95% of the brain activity beyond our own awareness, only 5% of our behavior, decisions, and emotions are fully conscious. With Soul Streaming™, the client achieves profound results after three to five sessions. Once processing of information, dreams, and physical benefits take place, the client becomes more deeply integrated,  leading to wholeness and health. 

After three to five sessions of this modality, the client is then able to "self-administer" the breathing technique, and without having to talk about their trauma, heal over a much shorter period of time than long-term "talk therapy."


In this modality, Laurie invites you to become the storyteller of your life, one filled with true meaning, happiness and peace of mind.  By letting go of the story you have inherited, you can begin living a different story - one resting in the present moment, free of depression, self-sabotage,

sadness and doubt.   

Breathe . . .
Soul Stream. . .
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