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A poster on a window of a Spiritual Center in Truckee, California drew me in immediately. . .

The "Transformational Breath™ Workshop" was two hours long, and claimed it would change one’s life.

I needed that. There was so much grief to be carried, so many losses during the past 15 years: husband, mother, father, mother- in-law, father-in- law, three close girlfriends, the young son of a friend, my 8 year old nephew - the sadness was so heavy, and yet I still had to go to work each day, take care of my son,

act normal. 



Our society allows so little time to mourn the loss of those we love. Or mourn the loss of innocence and self-worth after emotional, sexual, or physical abuse.


Could there possibly be a remedy, a modality, a therapy that would, lift me out of this depression that engulfed me?  Would I ever care again to notice the sun's warmth, the leaves changing in Autumn, the taste of chocolate cake, my son's smile?  


As a child I had no control of my surroundings. Life was unsafe and never predictable. My Dad traveled non-stop for his work, leaving us home with a mother who was alcoholic, drug dependent, abusive. My prayers at nine years of age, asking for a more "normal" home where dinner would be cooked every night, laundry washed, and hugs given, were never answered.


Yet my faith supported me. As adulthood arrived, the control in my life seemed real for the first time, and it remained so for a number of years. Reaching the pinnacle of success in the corporate world of New York City was no easy task... the glass ceiling did exist, but through discipline, determination, and garnering the loyalty of a large staff, I climbed the ladder of a wildly popular consumer products company, but I realized that life was whizzing by, working 24/7.

Then the losses began. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome was a term that was familiar to me, and the triggers began, stemming from so many losses in childhood. After the death of my first husband at a very young age, I remarried, and then divorced, changing my life entirely by moving to Denver, Colorado. My love of nature, the outdoors, and skiing motivated me to make the change. Never one to fear risk, I remarried once again and had my only child at the age of 43, only to become grief stricken a second time, with my third husband succumbing to cancer after a two year fight with the disease. 


Alone and raising a 7-year-old son, I financially survived the recession in 2008, becoming a successful Realtor, specializing in helping clients stay in their homes. Later, after the Recession was over, I helped many clients find new homes, and a new start.

After meeting my current husband in a two and a half year long Holistic Healing class, I moved to Truckee to Nevada City, California. My time and energy during the past 15 years have been spent exploring alternative ways to heal, nutrition and how it affects the brain and body, and how cancer and autoimmune disease can be helped through Homeopathic/Holistic means.

At just the right time, a specific type of breath work was introduced to me.  After attending a week-long breath workshop, studying a deep, lower abdominal and circular breath pattern, and was convinced that this was transformational. Training for more than 700 hours, the benefits proved profound. 


 Breath work provided the shift I so needed, in emotional and spiritual ways. It is much more profound than a healing technique or modality. It brought me back to a place of joy, love and peace, where I live now, like a rough piece of sand transforming into a beautiful pearl.

If you have gone through any loss that is depleting you of a joyful life, or have experienced trauma or loss, this form of deep, circular breathwork will bring back well being and balance.

Join me in your journey back to a life well lived. 

Laurie Bethell Bratt

Soul Streaming™ Founder

Laurie has a vast array of experience in navigating life's journey :  managing great loss and grief recovery, being a single mom for ten years, blending families in remarriage, surviving childhood trauma, years of tenure as a corporate officer in a large consumer products company, co-founding a new company with her husband. She is currently writing a book on Western and Eastern medicine's approaches to healing. The path she has chosen has not been lined with ease or simplicity, yet she has great joy, fulfillment, riches from a spiritual perspective, and  passion for sharing her continually growing wisdom, to benefit her clients. 


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